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XBee ACON W-01 :

The ACON W-01 is serial to wireless converter .The XBee modules operate within the ZigBee protocol and support the unique needs of low-cost, low-power wireless sensor networks. The XBee module interface to a host device through a logic level asynchronous serial port. Through its serial port, the module can communicate with any logic and voltage compatible UART; or through a level translator to any serial device . The modules operate within the ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band.

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The GSM/GPRS Modem mostly fits the need of data transfer, with SMS data Communication, GPRS data navigation, Circuit Switch / Data Connectivity, TCP/IP protocol etc. Because the easy setting up in SCM (Single Chip Micyoco), it is convenient for network data communication. The MOD 9001 GSM/GPRS Modem with small size, which fits both, embedded application and external peripheral equipment. The AT command set and RS232 interface will offer easy data connection without any extra circuit control.

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The Communication Isolator Board is high speed RS 422/485 Isolator . The optical isolation protects one segment of your network from problems that arises on the other. The model supports for RS 422/RS 485- 4 wire/RS 485- 2 wire. (Jumper Link selectable).

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The Communication Redundancy Board is RS 422/485 redundancy switch. It has optical isolation that protects one segment of network from problems that arises on the other. Data can be switched over to the Output from either of the port depending on the corresponding data coming from the terminal server port.The model supports for RS 422/RS 485- 4 wire/RS 485- 2 wire.( Jumper Link selectable).

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This board is a modbus tcp/ip to serial modbus converter board. This board is very useful for connecting a serial device, with modbus protocol, to an ethernet based scada system. There are three types of isolated serial outputs available (I.E. Rs- 232, rs-485, rs-422). It converts received tcp/ip modbus command to serial modbus format and sends to serial slave device(s) connected to it and also converts response from slave, in serial to modbus format, to modbustcp/ip format and sends to master over ethernet.

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Gps based satellite tracking. Gprs based web enable information. One institute or firm having unique username and password.Three views are available like map / satellite / hybrid.Hands free voice communication facility available for driver with control room (optional).Easy report generation.Monthly data backup facility. Vehicle facility to measure speed and distance travelled. Work on any gprs service provider.In built rechargeable battery.Generate sms and send to control room after power cut and for any foul tempering of device or your vehicle.Remotely secured configuration.

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